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Take control of your technology and data to reduce risk, optimise costs and grow your business with the support of fractional IT leadership.

Flexible. Affordable. Achievable.
Digital Transformation With Help From Our Experts.

You may feel you do not have the budget to take on a full-time Chief Technology Officer, Chief Information Officer, IT Director or Non-Executive Director, but you know there is a need to take control of your technology and data as it's holding you business back.

A fractional CTO, CIO, IT Director or Non-Exec gives you access to a best-of-class board-level Digital Transformation leader on a dedicated, part time basis at a fraction of the cost of a full-time equivalent who can join your senior leadership team to own and deliver your IT strategy.

We help organisations across the UK take control of technology and data through our flexible fractional service.

Whether you require an unbiased review of your existing IT function, want to fill or strengthen IT leadership or seek ongoing support from a C-level expert,  we have the proven expertise to add real value and reduce risk.

Digital Transformation Leads Growth?
of C-level sad YES!

Source: Gartner Group

Improving the Tech Function is a Top Priority?
of C-level sad YES!

Source: Gartner Group

Post-COVID IT Leaders Have
More Control of Business Decisions

Source: Tech Republic

Post-COVID Tech Leader Input is
Higher in Decision Making

Source: Tech Republic

Is Now The Time To Look At Digital Transformation?
Ask Yourself These Questions....

Do You...

  • have a perceived disconnect between technology and its ability to support the business plan?
  • feel unable to gain the real benefit of business intelligence due to you approach to data management?
  • not feel in control of technology costs or the real added value IT actually brings to the business?
  • feel unable to assess how effective your IT team is or even how to start to address performance issues?
  • feel uncertain as to how well your disaster recovery, security and data protection protocols actually work?
  • not feel you are getting value for money from your internal IT team or external suppliers?
  • have a specific portfolio of work that needs senior technology leadership?
  • not feel confident in change processes to support the business if things go wrong?
  • need senior leadership for technology and data, but are unsure how to address this?

More than three of these a "Yes"?
You may need our support with Digital Transformation!

What a Digital Transformation Expert Can Bring

Fractional Chief Information Officer (CIO)

  • Responsible for technology, teams, governance oversight, security matters and suppliers.
  • Leads process, systems, people, data and reporting improvements.
  • Sits on Board ensuring alignment between IT & business plan.
  • Enables integration, automation and transformation projects.
  • Leads on business improvements, risk and cybersecurity rather than just technology delivery.

Fractional Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

  • Responsible for technology, teams, governance oversight, security matters and suppliers.
  • Sits on Board and leads innovation, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Leads technology in order to increase company value.
  • Responsible for the development of bespoke software and applications.
  • Board-level lead on technology to investors and other external stakeholders, such as investors and customers.

Fractional Director of Information Technology

  • Responsible for technology, teams, governance oversight, security matters and suppliers.
  • Ensures effective leadership through IT Service Delivery.
  • Enables integration, automation and transformation projects.
  • Manages internal teams, external suppliers and supplier contracts.
  • Ensure that risk and cybersecurity management are at the forefront of delivery and oversees data and tech governance.

Non-Executive Director (NED)

  • Not directly responsible for delivery of technology or data services.
  • Sits on the Board and attends Board meetings
  • Provides advice and support the Board on technology matters.
  • Advises on innovation and change to increase company value.
  • Acts as a gatekeeper at Board level for strategic management.
  • Supports IT Leadership in strategic management, portfolio management and operational delivery.

How Does This Translate Into Action?

IT Due Diligence

  • Existing IT strategy effectiveness
  • Full IT due diligence of back-office IT
  • IT people and skills
  • IT service management effectiveness
  • Security
  • IT policies and procedures
  • Supplier and contracts

Strategy & Planning

  • IT Strategy creation
  • IT Service Management planning
  • Cost forecasting
  • Risk management
  • Programme portfolio development

What a Digital Transformation Expert Can Do

Governance & Control

  • IT Service Management management
  • PMO implementation
  • Compliance including ITIL, ISO20000 (ITSM), ISO27001 (Security), ISO9001 (QMS), Cyber Essentials, PCI-DSS
  • Business intelligence and management reporting
  • IT strategic and operational oversight

Operational Oversight

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