Does I.T. really deliver for your business, or is it a seemingly incomprehensible overhead not pulling its weight?

A fractional CIO from Bentlebury will help transform data & technology into value creation tools that aid growth.

A recent survey provided some interesting insight into where businesses feel they need to improve I.T., even if they're unsure how to deliver it. CFOs surveyed said that process automation, IT systems and the hybrid operational models were the biggest future challenges. A shortage of skilled professionals, economic uncertainty and increasing regulation were the biggest risks to success. It was felt that "tried and tested" ways of working, despite access to better technology, often held businesses back where IT remained an expensive overhead, not creating value, often stuck in a break / fix mode of delivery.

In other words, the culture of using data and technology under the umbrella "we've always done it like that" meant that the benefits of change to enable value creation were not achieved from improvements to IT delivery. 

Bentlebury will help you transform I.T. from an underperforming business area into a function that consistently creates value for your business.

Source: CFO Insights Survey 2021 undertaken by PWC and ACCA


For an NGO delivering aid to over 20 countries, we reviewed operational IT and the organisation's relationship with IT, producing a report on how data and technology should be structured and managed into the future, aligned to the business plan.

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Why a fractional CIO, even if you have existing IT leadership?


A fractional CIO can provide expertise an support to an IT Director who may be stretched thin or may not have certain areas of expertise, such as at Board Level. This can help to enhance the IT strategy and ensure that it is aligned with your goals and objectives and is actually achievable.


A fractional CIO can provide a fresh perspective and an outside view of your IT strategy. This can be particularly valuable if the IT Director has been with your business for a long time and may have become entrenched in certain ways of thinking, creating a dependency on an individual that may restrict your business.


A fractional CIO can provide flexibility and cost savings for your business. By engaging a fractional CIO on a flexible, part-time basis, you can benefit from the expertise of a CIO without having to pay the full-time salary, on-costs, pension and benefits of a permanent senior leader.

Sitting at Board or SMT level, a FRACTIONAL CIO will take the lead on value creation by transforming your business relationship with data and technology.



For two separate housing associations, we led the IT elements of the merger or "Repairs and Maintenance" functions back into the organisations from outsource partners.


For a bricks & mortar and online retailer based in the UK, we undertook an IT Review, resulting in an end-to-end Digital Transformation to the shops, e-commerce site, back-office, logistics and warehousing.


For a UK-based games developer and publisher, we undertook an IT Review, restructured the function to be more commercially aligned to business objectives, as well as leading the tech refit for the new HQ.

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