Case Study: Strategic Systems Review and Integration of Outsourced Services

Sector: Residential Property Management

Clients: Under NDA (each independent from the other)

Model: Direct Engagement

Headquarters: East Midlands  & South West

Operations: Combined housing stock of 10,000 properties across two Housing Associations

Headcount: ~750

Housing Association


These were two separate engagement but undertaking the same headline activities: two housing associations were experiencing significant technical debt in the housing management systems (HMS), some issues caused by inappropriate implementation, some by changes to the benefits system.

Both HAs were also looking to merge the currently outsourced Repairs and Maintenance functions back into the business.

What We Did

For the first HA, having reviewed how the organisations operated, working with the HMS provider and internal stakeholders, developed a process library for each area of the business.  We then reviewed the process library to identify where changes to the benefits system, on-boarding of the business function and poor decisions could be improved or collected. This library then was applied to the HMS in a controlled programme of works.

For the second HA, they were having issues with the HMS provider with the Repairs and Maintenance onboarding.  The provider was the same as the first HA, so I was engaged to overcome the barriers to success.  The provider team delivering the onboarding was the same team as in the first example.

What We Delivered

For the first HA, we were able to improve operational performance via HMS improvements whilst saving around ~30-40% against cost in improved licencing provision.  This saving was then put towards the new Repairs and Maintenance functionality, reducing the project costs accordingly.  Those process and procedures affected by changes to benefit were improved significantly and reduced the stress and worry for tenants.

For the second HA, we review the programme to date, the reasons given by the provider for not delivering against targets and what could be done to recover the situation.  As a result of this work, the provider's implementation team was replaced and all consultancy days take to date re-credited to the account.

What Happened

For the first Housing Association, performance improvements and the integrated Repairs and Maintenance function to the housing management system improved day to day performance of the organisation and costs for the merger were far lower than expected due to the HMS restructure.

For the second Housing Association, the Repairs and Maintenance function was onboard successfully a month ahead of schedule.